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Golf Shirts: Look Dapper Every Swing

In almost every sport, looking good while playing has always been something to take note of. Sport accessories have been getting more stylish over time while maintaining their main functions. However, golf is one sport where you can be stylish while playing. The lack of uniforms is a great advantage in terms of style because it gives golf players more freedom in their choice of clothes.

The most notable part of a golfer’s attire is their golf shirts. They take care of their shirt’s style since they are the second biggest piece of clothing they have. Shirts can sometimes reflect the player’s demeanor and approach to the game. They have the freedom to choose style, colors and fabric, giving them the chance to let their fans see a glimpse of their personalities.

Golf shirts stayed virtually the same throughout the years –

In terms of style, they are usually collared polo shirts. Most players choose short sleeved shirts but a few go the long sleeved route. Either way, one thing is for sure, they prioritize comfort and flexibility above style. For them, it is better to play better and look good than struggle and look good.

Golf courses are pretty loose when it comes to shirts. The only clothing they don’t allow are those which are scandalous and downright disrespectful. Tank tops and undershirts are prohibited on most courses. Golf has a culture that is more reserved and formal compared to other sports.

Golf shirts

Since games are played under the sun, golf shirts that are absorbent and breathable are the most popular. It is easy to lose focus if you feel hot and sweaty which is very bad for a sport that requires precise and accurate shots. Cotton shirts are the most popular pick among the pros. They are very comfortable amidst the heat and is easy to pair with jackets or vests in times that it gets chilly.

Some of the more stylish shirts use smooth and shiny fabric –

Some even have vibrant colors and patterns. Golf, even with a reserved atmosphere, have become more accepting with more outlandish styles throughout the years. As long as it doesn’t bother, offend, or hamper the other player’s game, then it is fine.

When it comes to the shirt’s fit, players tend to wear bigger or looser shirts. The reason behind this is the allowance for movement they give. Golfer’s need that freedom for their swings for better drives. Tighter clothes is very restrictive and is overall not comfortable. These also allows the golfers’ bodies to breathe and lessen the heat they feel.

AccessoriesTaking note of the style of the attire is also important in choosing shirts. To look good, you need to make sure that all your clothes work well together. You need to choose the best shirt that goes with your visor, pants and shoes. You also have the option of adding layers over your shirt for a cooler climate.

Choosing the proper golf shirt for your body type and style of play is essential. You don’t want to hamper your movement and adjust your play according to your clothes. It is better and easier to adjust something as simple as a shirt instead of adjusting your swings just for style. Put the game first before your style.

Remember that looking good while playing great is the aim of golf shirts –

They are not made just to make you look good but also to make you play better. Maintaining focus is easier if you are comfortable. Swinging is harder if your movements are restricted. Winning will come easier when you are focused.

Now that you have an idea of what golf shirts have gone through throughout the years, you can start looking for the perfect shirt at rockbottomgolf.com. Just remember to prioritize comfort over style. The shirt is an important part of your apparel. Who knows you might end up holding up a trophy. When that time comes then you know what to wear.


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