Steps in Troubleshooting Procedures of the PCB Assembly

An integrated circuit is constructed with the help of a printed circuit board (PCB). Using a PCB is advantageous because you will no longer attach wires to the board-mounted components individually. PCBs have consolidated pathways that can conduct electricity. These pathways are made of copper wires, which are situated at the base. They transmit current among the capacitors, transistors, resistors and diodes.

Quick-turn -Pcb- assembly

Therefore, printed circuit boards are predominantly appropriate to be used in do-it-yourself circuit assemblies like remote control circuit boards.PCB assembly may be confusing for some people. They may experience problems in assembling the circuit board. Before finalizing the board, it is ideal to troubleshoot the process steps of the PCB assembly. In this way, you are sure that the device will function efficiently.

Materials to be used:

• Phillips screwdriver
• Magnifier
• Multimeter
• Soldering iron
• A pair of tweezers


I. Test the circuit board components.

1. Put the multimeter in resistance mode.

2. Position the multimeter test lead in between of the first two constituents of the circuit board. Usually, the first two components are the ones nearest to the power supply cable, which is linked to the board.

3. Take note of the meter reading. If the components are fixed, the meter reading should be around 5 percent closer to the specified value. The specified values of quick turn PCB assembly constituents are usually written on the side.

For instance, a resistor’s value, which is in terms of ohms, is provided on the side of the component. If the meter reading is not within that range, detach the component and replace with another component of the same unit. If the meter reading is zero, then probably, the component is shorted out.

4. Continue testing other constituents. Mostly, when the previous part is shorted out, the succeeding parts will give you a zero meter reading also.

II. Inspect the circuit board.

1. Disengage the power supply from the circuit board. If it is powered by a battery, detach the battery and keep the snap wires compacted. If the board is corded, use a soldering iron to melt the circuit’s solder joint, which links the source of power to the circuit board.

2. Take off the screws from the circuit enclosure’s base. Screws are usually used in holding the circuit board in position. In this step, you will need the help of a Phillips screwdriver.

3. Turn the board upside down. In this way, the conductive strip will be uncovered. PCBs must not be laid flat on the table. To avoid damaging PCBs, balance it by putting several books under its edges. This is to prevent the board-mounted parts from touching the desk.

4. Examine the conductive circuits with the use of a magnifier. Check out if there are some cracks in it. Usually, conductor strips are sliced by a razor prior to quick turn PCB assembly .

quick turn pcb assembly

The purpose for doing this is to separate some parts of the board. In this case, if you unintentionally position a constituent in between of the two incisions in the strip, the circuit board will not function. If you find any crack along the conductive pathway, detach all constituents from the circuit board and utilize another board.

5. Check if the connector leads and conductive cables are properly linked together by solder joints. If solder joints are not properly soldered, the circuit may possibly short out.

III. Eliminate non-functional components.

1. Using a soldering iron, compress the solder joints and let it cool afterwards.
2. Using a pair of tweezers, make the leads straight.
3. Turn the board upside down and remove the components from the board turret. Replace it with a new model.

These are the simplest steps in troubleshooting the procedures of the PCB assembly.


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How To Use Iron On Patches

Not only are iron on patches fashionable, trendy and self-expressing, but they are also very useful. Say, your favorite shirt is slightly damaged or has an irremovable stain. Then you can use it by putting patches in the said area. Using patches are not just for creativity but also for its significance. It helps to showcase a better way to be thrift. Because the damaged part in the item is hidden, then you need not to dispose of it!

Most Common Uses Of Patches Are :

In the preparation of ironing a patch, you have to determine the kind of patch you have. Some patches have glue on their back while others have a dark clothing part on the back. For patches that have cloth backing, you can attach them through the use of a fusible web or iron on fusing tape. These can be easily purchased. These are also actually affordable and convenient. For patches designed to cover up torn clothes, they have paper backing that should be pulled off before the patch is applied.

Next, you need to examine the type of fabric you will use. If your patches are for clothing, then you should look at the label to confirm if it can be ironed. (If it has a crossed iron sign, then you need to figure out the fabric type.) Fabrics such as denim and cotton are usually compatible with patches, whereas silk is not due to being a delicate fabric. Remember that the fabric you will use should be as heavy as the patch. You need to be careful on polyester fabrics, knowing that heat is required in ironing on patches. These may cause the clothing to burn or discolor.


Placing the patch is the next step. Before you heat up the iron, when you’ve decided the placement of the patch, lay it down. For brand patches, you need to place it somewhere people will easily see it. But of course, for concealing a damaged or torn spot, it’s different. You just put the patch on that area.

Upon ironing the patch, first is you need to place the clothing or accessory on a heat resistant and flat surface such as an ironing board. If you don’t have any, you may improvise with the use of a sturdy table with a doubled bath towel or any thick fabric similar to it.

You need to iron the item first to make sure the item provides a flat surface for you patch. Thus, making it easier to iron on. This also ensures that the part of the fabric that is about to receive the patch will be flat against a hard or stable surface. This is necessary in making the patch appear well-placed when it is finally stuck on the fabric.

The next step is positioning the patch to your preference

The adhesive side or back side of the patch should be flat against the fabric that serves as the base.

Now you need to heat up your iron to the highest level because the process of putting your patch requires concentrated heat. Make sure the iron is not full of water and that the “steam” function is switched off.

Iron On Patches
Now, put a thin towel over your newly ironed patch. This will serve as a shield that will protect that patch. You need to be careful not to disturb the placement of your patch.

As you position your iron over the patch, you need to press it down and apply necessary pressure. Hold the iron in that position for at least fifteen seconds.

After that, you may remove the iron and then give the patch time to cool. Lift the towel you placed earlier and check if it is secured on the fabric. You may do so by gently lifting the patch. If it lifts up a bit, you need to repeat ironing for approximately ten more seconds.

Caring for your patches to make sure it stays put would mean you may consider sewing its edges. When it comes to washing, you need to make sure you don’t wash it more than necessary. Also, use cold water. Though patches are made to be permanent, it may loosen in time.


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Motivational Speakers’ Recipe: 7 Life Hacks to Get Motivated in Life

Picture this: It’s a Monday morning, your alarm goes off, and you badly want to stay in bed due to lack of motivation to go to work and to carry on with life, in general. It’s devastating, isn’t it?

Demotivation is loosely defined as lack of interest and enthusiasm. This is applicable not just in the workplace, but also in any phase of life. Our goal is to help individuals understand how to overcome demotivation, starting with these life hacks, as told by the most reliable motivational speakers.

1. Redefine your goals

Motivational Speaker One of the reasons why people get demotivated in life is because they fall behind their life goals. Consider these goals – by the time you’re 30, you should have a million in my bank account. By the time you’re 40, you should be living a luxurious life. Stop dictating your fate, and create a more feasible life goal, rather than an ambitious target. It can be as simple as being able to save a certain portion of your salary per month, or crossing off some attainable items on your bucket list.

2. Have a look on how far you’ve come.

Any person who feels the slightest bit of demotivation only needs one thing: To see how far he had come. Motivational speakers say that this may be a baby step, or little accomplishment, but it still is something to celebrate about. This means you are progressing, no matter how slow. Progress is still progress.

3. Forget about negative and toxic people

If there’s one thing that’s been hindering you from being positive, it’s the pessimism that surrounds your life.

4. Take risks

Risks are something that can either result to losses or triumphs. However, outcomes of risks should be seen as either triumphs or lessons learned. Getting demotivated can usually be caused by lack of expectation of something good coming up. When you take risks, it means you are willing to take on new challenges and may anticipate rewards out of that risk taking attitude.

5. Accept flaws and mistakes

Motivational SpeakersOne of the keys towards combating negativity would be acceptance. If you learn to accept your imperfections, no one can use it against you. Acceptance also means being brave enough to face reality, and turning your flaws into something in your favor. For instance, if you can’t seem to achieve that dream job due to lack of qualifications, why not choose to hop on a different path? Recognition of your own shortcoming is key to self-realization.

6. Acknowledge yourself

Most motivational speakers say that pep-talking yourself, and dealing with the reason behind your demotivation is one of the most indispensable steps towards relieving demotivation. Thinking about the reasons and why you’re feeling like that is something that can only be done by you. Hence, it’s necessary to de-clutter your head from all the emotional baggage, and find a way to understand the reason, and get to it. It’s essential to get to the bottom of it, to be able to overcome it.

7. Forget about your fears

Our team believes that fear is one of the reasons why people are hindered in the workplace, or in life in general. This can be fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or even as simple as fear of getting reprimanded. Most motivational speakers say that fear slows a person down and makes him become very cautious and even hesitant. However, most fears are just a product of the mind. To be able to overcome demotivation, fears should be dropped, and instead, deal with your fears. We recommend asking yourself three key questions: What is my fear, why am I afraid and what is the probability of this happening?

In the end, demotivation is something that can only be dealt with by the person himself. Just get to the bottom of the situation, do something about it, and create a mindset that’s ready to face risks, fears and uncertainties.


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Golf Shirts: Look Dapper Every Swing

In almost every sport, looking good while playing has always been something to take note of. Sport accessories have been getting more stylish over time while maintaining their main functions. However, golf is one sport where you can be stylish while playing. The lack of uniforms is a great advantage in terms of style because it gives golf players more freedom in their choice of clothes.

The most notable part of a golfer’s attire is their golf shirts. They take care of their shirt’s style since they are the second biggest piece of clothing they have. Shirts can sometimes reflect the player’s demeanor and approach to the game. They have the freedom to choose style, colors and fabric, giving them the chance to let their fans see a glimpse of their personalities.

Golf shirts stayed virtually the same throughout the years –

In terms of style, they are usually collared polo shirts. Most players choose short sleeved shirts but a few go the long sleeved route. Either way, one thing is for sure, they prioritize comfort and flexibility above style. For them, it is better to play better and look good than struggle and look good.

Golf courses are pretty loose when it comes to shirts. The only clothing they don’t allow are those which are scandalous and downright disrespectful. Tank tops and undershirts are prohibited on most courses. Golf has a culture that is more reserved and formal compared to other sports.

Golf shirts

Since games are played under the sun, golf shirts that are absorbent and breathable are the most popular. It is easy to lose focus if you feel hot and sweaty which is very bad for a sport that requires precise and accurate shots. Cotton shirts are the most popular pick among the pros. They are very comfortable amidst the heat and is easy to pair with jackets or vests in times that it gets chilly.

Some of the more stylish shirts use smooth and shiny fabric –

Some even have vibrant colors and patterns. Golf, even with a reserved atmosphere, have become more accepting with more outlandish styles throughout the years. As long as it doesn’t bother, offend, or hamper the other player’s game, then it is fine.

When it comes to the shirt’s fit, players tend to wear bigger or looser shirts. The reason behind this is the allowance for movement they give. Golfer’s need that freedom for their swings for better drives. Tighter clothes is very restrictive and is overall not comfortable. These also allows the golfers’ bodies to breathe and lessen the heat they feel.

AccessoriesTaking note of the style of the attire is also important in choosing shirts. To look good, you need to make sure that all your clothes work well together. You need to choose the best shirt that goes with your visor, pants and shoes. You also have the option of adding layers over your shirt for a cooler climate.

Choosing the proper golf shirt for your body type and style of play is essential. You don’t want to hamper your movement and adjust your play according to your clothes. It is better and easier to adjust something as simple as a shirt instead of adjusting your swings just for style. Put the game first before your style.

Remember that looking good while playing great is the aim of golf shirts –

They are not made just to make you look good but also to make you play better. Maintaining focus is easier if you are comfortable. Swinging is harder if your movements are restricted. Winning will come easier when you are focused.

Now that you have an idea of what golf shirts have gone through throughout the years, you can start looking for the perfect shirt at Just remember to prioritize comfort over style. The shirt is an important part of your apparel. Who knows you might end up holding up a trophy. When that time comes then you know what to wear.


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How to Find the Right SEO Partnership Program

partnershipA lot of companies that offer SEO partnership programs seem promising but only a few deliver excellent services. In order to get the excellent service as promised, a client must ensure that all his business objectives are met.

If the approaches to SEO are unethical, the client’s website can get banned by search engines. Some SEO services may use a ‘quick-fix’ for this problem but the client will be left hanging.

Here are a few guidelines when you look for SEO partners:

1. Ask the company to explain their SEO approach. Notice the way the explanation is hanoutrelayed. See how the company markets itself. If you don’t understand their terms, look for another company. The methods must be related to the kind of service that you need.

2. Let them understand what you need. Give them the highlights of your business and other relevant products that you want to show off. Answering a questionnaire is not enough. A good company must take time to understand the objectives and needs of your business.

3. Every business is unique. A good company should not offer the same services that they offer to other clients. Instead, they must consider every aspect of your business, including your budget.

4. The company must be legit. Make sure that they have a proven track record in giving excellent performance and meeting client expectations. Don’t believe the marketing hype that says, “You will Rank Number 1 in Google within 24 hours!” It takes time and hard work to increase rankings. An excellent SEO partnership company must tell you the truth about the basic steps on how you can get to the top.

5. Determine the ranking of your pages in real time. See which among them ranks higher so you know how to apply the same strategy to other lower ranking pages.

6. Determine your target. Remember that your website is unique. optimizaRather than giving you a pre-set optimization recommendation, the company must provide the exact optimization options that your site needs.

7. Many companies that offer SEO partnership programs have plenty of in-house experiences but the best ones are those that take time in studying the progress of search engines.

8. The company should be able to look at your competitors. They should be able to see the highest ranking pages of other related sites and understand what makes them stand out. They should also be able to optimize their popular pages and influence page rankings.

9. The company must be able to implement necessary changes in your site. They must be able to modify the highest value pages according to the optimization that it needs. They must also try to understand the traffic that coming to your site. This must be done so that you will know how to improve site traffic for each web property you own.

10. Organic search results are the basic steps in traffic optimization but they must know how to influence quality traffic for your site. They should be able to explain to you what needs to be done in order get more traffic.

seoprocess11. The world of business changes from time to time. Your competitors and prospects change as well. For this cause, the company must check up your pages, review your rankings and optimize your business website regularly. The company should also “follow-up” on you to make sure that you get the results.

12. Lastly, make sure the company is able to give you a detailed structure recommendation, site analysis, and keyword analysis, among many others.

For many, no matter how good they are in their jobs, no matter

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